Jeffery Beach practices and teaches students on a one on one basis or in classes, a rare esoteric form of Taoist-Buddhist meditational Qigong called in Chinese ‘Wuji Xian Tian’. The normal translation is “recouping the energy from before birth”. Jeffery prefers to call it, “Opening your Wisdom Heart” meaning that this form of Qigong is a way to find one’s personal spiritual path in whatever way it presents itself. This lineage descends through the centuries from the Taoist Immortal Lü Dong Bin and Jeffery became the first Western initiate in 1986, in accordance with the traditions of the lineage.

Jeffery also teaches Yiquan (I Chüan) as a form of standing calm-abiding meditation. “Learning to meditate while standing is a natural way to overcome sluggishness and sleepiness.”

Jeffery devoted his life to Buddhism more than 40 years ago. He’s studied Buddhist sutras and meditation practices for more than 3 decades; from Chinese and Japanese Zen to Vajrayana Buddhist philosophy. Jeffery became a tantric practitioner of Tibetan (Vajrayana) Buddhism in 1994.

His most profound wish is to bring the universal principles of these spiritual teachings to all by writing in every day words so they can be applied more easily to our daily lives. He shows us how to find our teachers and the teacher within.

Jeffery spent the last few years on a spiritual quest in China and India, returning to the United States to teach openly of his knowledge.

He’s written two books:
Ten Seconds to Peace: An Every Day Approach to Mindful Living
Enlighten Your Life: The Six Principles

The Six Principles (also known as the Six Perfections or Paramitas) lie at the heart of Buddhist teachings. These principles -Generosity, Patience, Integrity, Effort, Meditation, and Transcendent Wisdom- aren't strictly Buddhist, of course, but belong to all of humanity. We act with each independently, but also interdependently (for one is inherently part of the other five, and the other five are part of each one), moving through the course of our daily lives with a sense of virtue or ethic that guides our thoughts, speech, and actions.

It may seem an over-simplification, but the basic cultivation of these principles or virtues is the core of enlightened living, and as Beach himself states: "an enlightened life doesn't imply the need for anything in particular. The expression of enlightenment is enlightened activity..." Further, "we don't have to make it seem like an unattainable fantasy, a heavy trip steeped in catchy phrase-words and sound bites. It doesn't have to be about finding "the truth". It can be as simple as being honest, straightforward, and forgiving. To be straightforward and genuine is an extremely profound way to live. That's the truth. Just to be ourselves, wholly, through and through, to be genuine, and allow others to be themselves as they are..." In ""Enlighten Your Life", Beach reveals the path by which we can achieve enlightened living through refreshingly simple means, in plain language- this is a course that is accessible to each and every one of us, Buddhist and non-Buddhist alike.

"Enlighten Your Life" is a book of enrichment and awakening- awakening to the true essence of our being, of who we are as inter-connected individuals within an expanding, shared universe. It shows us the clear way toward a living strength through compassion and an undeniable freedom in both taking responsibilities for our lives and in honing a heightened sense of the "now" - all we have is this moment in which we live our lives. The past is no longer, and the future is yet to be. That which matters, that which defines our happiness and the shape of our existence is inherent to this very moment. We were very fortunate to have been blessed with this treasure of a human birth. We have precious few moments in which to live our lives fully, to practice the principles that foster an enlightened life. Beach capably introduces the reader to the principles and means to make it happen. He skillfully shows us to the gate. It is solely up to us to walk through it in practice.

Contact Jeffery directly for private or group instruction at this email address: jeffbeach@jefferybeach.com